Raina (raina_chan) wrote in ffictionreview,

Time for some of my own self-pimpage!

Alright. I'll try to keep my self pimping down, because God knows I want to do a lot of it. :D

So, I'll just start with my one-shot.

Title: My Best Friend
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Rating: T, for minor cursing
Warnings: None
Pairings: Very, very, very light Akuroku. (Aren't you all sick of that by now? XD)
Summary: Everyone knows the nobodies lack feelings. Yet, why did Axel focus so many of his motives around Roxas? What was so great about their friendship?

Here the story be!

Also, I guess I should mention this. Try to review if you can for stories pimped out here. This is mainly for those who think they need more feedback, so... Yeah. Try to deliver. XD

-Raina, who needs to get more people to join
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