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Teh Dino!

So, I'm a Legend of Dragoon fangirl. LoD is a playstation game that gets compartively little recognition and appreciation in the gaming world. Sure, the game itself has its problems (what game doesn't?), but the world created for it is, imho, very interesting.
Unfortunately, there is a TON of badfic, intentional or not, in this fandom. Trying to find or write a good one is like wading through molasses. But we try.

First, a recommendation for a fic that isn't mine.

Title: Rebirth of a Legend, by pyrostriker
Fandom: Legend of Dragoon
Rating: pg13
Summary: The rebirth of the dragoons in modern times.

This is one of the few that's caught my attention and kept it. It's long (80 chapters now, and I think there are/were supposed to be 2 more), but it's got some interesting ideas--I don't necessarily agree with all of them but it's still a good read. :}

And my attempt at a good LoD fic.

Title: Daughter of the Wind
Fandom: Legend of Dragoon
Rating: pg13, for language and violence later
Warnings: It's slightly AU, in that I bent a canon event slightly to avoid the death of one of the characters ^^;. Also, it involves a lot of OCs. Both of these I know are things that not everybody likes, so there's mah warning.
Pairings: None that are of canon characters, unless you count Albert and Emille o_O. The only other pair that really gets worked on is a pair of OCs.
Summary: There was a girl who mysteriously disappeared from Bale before the Second Dragon Campaign. Now she's back, but how? The truth may end up dragging Serdio into yet another war...against an enemy that cannot die.

This is still an active fic. I've only gotten to chapter 17 so far, but it's going to be much, much longer before I'm finally done with it XD.
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