anime_angel_ash (anime_angel_ash) wrote in ffictionreview,

Currently, I'm writing a novella-length fanfiction detailing some of the events that take place before FFX-2. Unfortunately enough for me, concrit isn't very prominant for two reasons. 1) Quite a few people (even those who haven't played it for themselves) avoid it like the plague. 2) Many of the ones that don't aren't the best for giving concrit. While I have been lucky and have several very good reviewers, I'd also like a little more concrit thrown my way. Particularly so with the last chapter I posted, since I finally got into the romance and don't know it it's realistically timed and laid out. Hopefully, someone could find it in there hearts to wade into the fandom of a game that is universely (and in my opinion, wrongly, but I digress) despised to help me. It would be greatly appreciated.

Title: Unwavering Symphony
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: T, but might go up a bit with chapter 12.
Warnings: Some mild cursing, at least one instance of the "F" word being used.
Pairings: Shuyin/Lenne
Summary: Every story has an ending. Not all of them are happy ones. Thus, the story of Shuyin and Lenne.
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