Random Musings of a Junior Zoalord (ingriam) wrote in ffictionreview,
Random Musings of a Junior Zoalord

Yes, I'm pimping Guyver-fic

My own, to be precise. :D I've got 12 reviews, but that doesn't seem like a good number for a 60+ chapter fanfic. Please review it if you have the time.

Title: Son of Mine
Fandom: Guyver: OAV, manga, later the second movie.
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, language, mild slash, OCs included, AU
Pairings: (mentioned) Mizuki/Sho, Agito/Shizu, Masaki/Miaka, Zektor/Elegen
Summary: Masaki Murakami has been keeping a secret from the rest of the group. That secret is about to come out. Meanwhile, Sho and the others have to deal with an overambitious Zoalord, the ruler of Chronos itself, and the trials of living on the run.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2578044/1/
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