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I shamelessly try for first self-pimping post. 8D; Why hlo thar

Title: + Ange et Diable +

Fandom: La Pucelle Tactics, first and foremost, somewhat an unavoidable Disgaea and Makai Kingdom crossover. If you don't know the fandom, I'll gratefully welcome concrits on writing style alone. ♥ Just bear in mind the narrative bits and bizarre Next Chapter previews are a hallmark of the games the story is based in.

Rating: T

Warnings (if there are any): None I can think of. 8D; A li'l violent in bits, but nothing worse than, say, LotR's Helm's Deep.

Pairings (if there are any): Maybe in the future, but I'm really trying for plot first. XD; Um....Demon Overlord Culotte brings all the girls to the yard?

Summary: And so ends a tale that would become a legend...a story of a girl who came to rule over all demons as the Demon Overlord Prier. Not quite...

Here goes!

Merci! :3

Happy Mask Salesgirl

Also, one of the most amazing Makai Kingdom stories evah, by Rayless Night!

Title: Wishes

Fandom: Makai Kingdom

Rating: T

Warnings (if there are any): None.

Pairings (if there are any): Zetta x Salome.

Summary: A history of Salome The Traitor. Complete.

Join me in giving her much deserved reviewings, favings, and alerts. ♥ You won't be sorry!
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