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Hello, there.

I created this community as a place where authors can pimp their fanfiction without worrying about getting sidelong glances. It works for all fanfiction, and even original fiction. Because FF.net sucks, and so does FP. Besides, who else is sick of struggling for reviews? We all appreciate them.

After all, if you're here, you're probably a review whore. Still, gotta have some standards.

What's Acceptable:
Linking your own fic
Reccing fics
Posting feedback here
Posting feedback period
Ranting about reviewers

What's not:
Linking fics that you know are bad


1. Yes, you're allowed to link your own work. No, I'm not going to think you're narcissistic. But you might want to be careful what you link. Please, no bad!fic. I want this to be a place where you can link what you think is good!fic, instead of hoping for the right author to mention you on fanficraves or some other similar comm.

2. No trolling. Come on, linking stories that suck and that you know suck isn't really nice and defeats the whole point. You want people to read what you're linking. If you ruin the point of this community, I'm going to ban your ass.

3. If you're going to post them to the community, do so behind the wonderful LJ-cut. Ok?

4. If you click the link, try to review. We want the good!fics to have more reviews, more feedback, etc. That's the major point of this community.

The form to follow to link your fic is likewise:

Warnings (if there are any):
Pairings (if there are any):
Link or LJ-cut.

Recs work the same way.

Rants about bad reviewers are allowed, but try to keep it to a minimum.